Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Monday

Well its monday again and Olivia woke up on a happy note. Usually she is stuck up my butt when she gets up. Today is going to be an easy day because I only have 2 daycare kids. I usually have 7! Yes today is going to be a good day. Its freezing outside and windy.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Olivia loved her Elmo live that she got from her uncle and aunt. This was the best present.

Miss Olivia

I love this picture of Olivia. She loves the camera.

Our Updates

Well we have had a hard December with Olivia. She was diagnosed with Pneumonia. She was one sick little girl. She had a nasty croupy cough on Christmas Day. The next few days she got a 103 fever so i decided to take her to the ER. The did a chest xray and found pneumonia in her left lower lobe. The put her on Amoxiclian. Of course I knew that it wouldnt work for her. The next morning she was wheezing and breathing fast. I took her back to the ER. They did give her steriods to help her get better faster. The next few days i noticed that she was getting better but not all the way. I took her into her peds office and they changed her meds. She is all clear now and back to her normal self. I really hate winter because that is when she is sick the most. Here are some pics above of her at xmas..