Thursday, March 12, 2009

I really hope it gets better..

For the last few weeks Olivia's behavior has gotten worse. She is scared of everything now. Im not sure if its part of the syndrome or a phase. I have emailed her teacher this week and explained to her how i have been stressing over her. I posted also on the Jacobsens yahoo group to get some advice from other moms that have been through this before. I gotten a lot of great advice and called the Phycologist to get her an appt to get tested. I really hope they can find something. She goes on March 19th.

She does not like to play with toys at all. She hangs around and on me all day. I cant even leave her without telling her where im going. She is scared to go down the toy isle in stores. I know when she gets scared because she will get this blank stare on her face and say that she is tired. Everytime she says she is tired i know that she is scared.

I hope that the doctors can help her with what ever is going on with her. Ill update you after her appointment.


Princess Abigail said...

Oh wow Erin, I didn't realise you were going through this. Tough times. Have you tried asking Dr Grossfeld about this? Or the 11Q website?

The Kewer's said...

I have asked before. He told me it has to be some kind of phase. But its only getting worse. So I decided to have her evaluated. I might set up the video camera this week so i can tape how she acts. I really dont think anyone believes me. LOL