Friday, April 3, 2009

Another Rainy Day..

I am so ready for the rain to stop. I loved being able to take all the kids outside this week while it was nice. They had so much fun. I took some pictures of them all playing. Olivia has been doing much better.She goes in these stages I guess. She will be starting a 3 yr old program in the fall for half day. The bus will come and pick her up in front of the house. I know she will like it because she puts her coat on and packs her "snack" like Noah does everyday thinking she is going with him. She has a fit when he leaves without her. She has been very good about leaving me to go with daddy or over Uncle Richie's house. Daddy and I even got to go out for a few hours a few weeks ago with Brittany and her boyfriend while Olivia stayed with sissy and Noah at Richie and Amanda's house. We have not been out together in a long time since the Linkin Park Concert last February.

Well I'll post more later the kids are done eating. Only have a few today.

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Princess Abigail said...

Good progress! Glad she's enthusiastic and looking forward to it! Lovely to keep up with all your news!